Make a Mini Flyswatter

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Here is a fun gift to make and give, made from plastic canvas.  It is also a great little craft to do with the kids and grandkids.

This little craft was originally and idea I used when I was a Girl Guide leader.  Here is the original photo that was on the website.

mini fly swatter made from plastic canvas from

From small pieces of 7 count plastic canvas cut a piece that is 14 holes high, and 6 holes wide at the bottom.  The bottom square of the fly swatter is 6 holes x 6 holes.  To make the handle just cut away the edge pieces so that the handle is 2 holes wide by 8 holes high.  Overcast stitch around the outside or you can stitch the whole thing in with any colour of your choice.  Glue on a plastic fly. My little fly swatter is quite old and the over the years the glue has yellowed.

mini fly swatter made from plastic canvas from
mini fly swatter made from plastic canvas from

  Add one of these poems to it before giving as a fun/gag gift.

Fly Swatter by Shirley T.

These tiny little flies
require a tiny swapper
so that when you swat them
there’s not too big a splatter.
Mosquito Swatter ©Crafty Gardener
Tiny little bugs
need a tiny swat,
Get them right away
before they bite a spot.

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