Mushrooms and Other Fungi

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I’ve been reviewing lots of mystery series lately so as it is the 20th of the month it is time for a garden book review.

Mushrooms and fungi are such fascinating growths in Nature.  My interest in them started several years ago on a walk in Algonquin Park.  One of the trails had so many varieties of mushrooms.

After that trip to Algonquin Park I was inspired to go in search of a good reference book for mushrooms and came across this one  titled An Illustrated Guide to Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America.  Geoffrey Kibby is the author and the book was first published in 1993.


I love the cover with various illustrations of mushrooms.  The photos I took that day, before digital cameras, just didn’t do the mushrooms any justice.  Now with digital cameras many, many photos can be taken.  The macro and zoom settings are so much better.


There are gorgeous illustrations inside this book along with detailed information about each mushroom or fungus.  Each is labelled if poisonous or dangerous.

Now for some recent photos that I took.


This piece of fungus that reminds me of a  foot from a prehistoric creature.


If you look you will find all sorts of fungi growing.  I only take photos of them, never remove them, and never pick them for eating.


These fungi were growing on an old cut down tree that we came across at the edge of the soccer fields while going to watch the grandkids play soccer this past spring.


This is the same piece of fungus as my first photo, just taken from a different angle.


Now I’m always on the lookout for interesting mushrooms and fungi.  This mushroom was found in our daughter’s back garden.  I know I’ve got more images of mushrooms somewhere in the photo archives.

Have you photographed any mushrooms or fungi lately?

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