The Need to Keep Warm

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We have been experiencing bitterly cold weather … days when it has been -35 Celsius including the wind chill factor.  My collection of scarves, handmade, gifted, and purchased, has been put to very good use.

I’ve also been knitting a new one called Fishtail Lace Scarf, a free pattern from Knit Picks, in my favourite colour of green.

alpaca scarf7a

I’m using some gorgeous soft Alpaca yarn that I purchased when we visited the Amazing Graze Alpaca farm.  The yarn is spun right there at the farm and even labelled with the names of the alpacas … well the first 2 letters of each alpaca.  You can visit their Facebook page and see some adorable photos of the alpacas.

alpaca scarf1a

I’m using 4 mm circular bamboo needles to knit this easy lace pattern which has 8 rows that keep repeating … and the even numbered rows are all purl rows, so really just 4 rows of patterning to deal with.  I did start a different pattern with this yarn, more a small shawl, but after about being a quarter done decided I didn’t like the way it was turning out so switched to this more traditional long scarf pattern.  The yarn was wound into a ball on a ball winder thanks to my daughter and grandson.  It is so much easier working with a center pull ball of yarn then the original skein it came in.

There isn’t much left to do now and hopefully by the beginning of next week it will be all finished and will be keeping my neck warm.


Over the years I’ve knitted a lot of scarves … lots of them given as gifts.  I’m sure there are more photos in my archives but these are just a few I could find.


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