Never Ending Cup of Tea

Here is another of my craf-tea ideas for using an old teapot, a cup and saucer and a piece of marble. The slabs of marble were a find from my husband. I’ve got green, pink and blue. The teapot and dish were given to be my a friend who knew I would come up with something creative for the garden. The cup and saucer were from a garage sale a long time ago. There were several that came in the set and the others have already been made into teacup feeders and planters.

a whimsical cup of tea at

This was a simple project to put together using Craft Goop. I’m sure you can figure out how to do it just looking at the photo.

a whimsical cup of tea at

One year I added a small pot inside the cup with a cutting from a wandering jew plant.  I also added a cute little clip on bird.

a whimsical cup of tea at

This year it is on top of the tea thyme ladder planter and I have a little succulent plant in the cup.

teacup line

Crafty is craf-tea


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