October Blooms

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Wow, the end of September and the start of October have been absolutely gorgeous.  Afternoon temperatures have been between 20 and 25 Celsius.  Overnights have been cooler and some mornings have been foggy but we couldn’t ask for a better start to Fall.

Some of the garden plants are still blooming.  The garden decorations are finding their way into the garage for winter.

The garden has a Fall look to it.


And the raking of leaves has started in the back area.  There are 3 popular trees that drop their leaves.  Some areas get raked by hand and then the garden tractor rides over them and chops them all up … some for the compost bins, some for mulch, and most of them get bagged and taken to the yard waste landfill.


These blooms might be fading but they are lovely to see … the obedient plant, coreopsis, nasturtiums, and a pansy.  This pot of pansies have bloomed right from the beginning of spring to now.


The fuchsia are just gorgeous.  These are in a north facing pot and just keep blooming and blooming.


The hosta are in varying stages … one just finishing blooming, some fading, some have leaves cut off.  The sedum and mums are putting on a lovely show.  The odd hen & chick is fading around the outside.


Most of the plants are now in the fading away or vanished sections.  Some of them have been cut back ready for winter. Some of the seed heads have been left on the plants for winter interest and food for the birds.

Blooming –   fuchsia,  coreopsis,  nasturtiums,  feverfew,  miscanthus,  morning glory, hosta (pale green leaves), sedum, mums, Jerusalem artichokes

leaves fading away –   yucca, dianthus, ninebark, honeysuckle vine,  lavender, coral bells,  weigela,  climbing roses, roses (bush),  clematis, lets streak hosta, liatris,  iris, early yellow daylilies, bleeding heart, columbine,  evening primrose,  creeping jenny,  oxeye daisies, ditch lilies, Bressingham Blue hosta, astillbe. pansies,  canna, echinacea, peruvian daffodils, coleus, beebalm,  rudbekia, lily of the valley, lady’s mantle, daylilies,  shasta daisies, hostas,

Vanished till next year – tulips, daffodils, poppies, yellow molly alliums, trilliums,  drumstick allium, zinnias, petunias,  cosmos,  orange cosmos, 4 o’clocks, 

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