Creating with Old Glass Dishes

I’ve got quite a collection of bits and pieces that came from garage sales, the back of the china cupboard or were given to me by friends who know I’ll make something with it.

This time I used a pretty dish from a garage sale, a couple of glass risers that were used on a multi tier cake and some other  little dishes.

trinket stand from

I used silicone all purpose adhesive as I wanted it to dry clear.  After a few minutes I had a cute little trinket stand that stands on a dresser and is a catch all for little bits of jewelry.

trinket stand from
used as a trinket dish

The base is about 18 cm across and the height is about 20 cm.

making a trinket stand at
used for snacks

I’ve also used this as a snack stand at family gatherings. Add your choice of snacks, desserts, or candy.

making a trinket stand at
used for fruit

This was made a few years ago and recently came out from the back of the cupboard for a social gathering of our Creative Crafting group. This time it got filled with various fruits – blueberries, grapes and local strawberries.

Some projects from the Creative Crafting group – a group of creative people that meet and create all sorts of crafts on Fridays

Do you reuse old glass? Here are some more things I created.

garden line

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  1. Lavender Dreamer

    Oh my! I absolutely love what you’ve done with these pretty dishes. I need a centerpiece for my kitchen table and would love to try to make one of these. I know I have plenty of ‘supplies’…if you know what I mean! Enjoy your afternoon…thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  2. Kea

    That’s such a lovely way to re-purprose your glass dishes. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by the blog (re: Derry). I certainly hope you and your family have a wonderful Canada Day weekend.

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