The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse

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I love the summer when we take lots of daycations in and around our area.  Recently we stopped at the Old Ormsby Schoolhouse for their educated dining.  This was an old one room schoolhouse that is now a restaurant that serves lunch, afternoon tea and dinners.

What a delightful place to visit.   Before ordering lunch we spent quite awhile looking at all the displays that were set up.

The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse in Ormsby, Ontario

I have always found old school houses fascinating, probably because I was a teacher and love all things historical.

The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse in Ormsby, Ontario

The inside of this old one room school, closed in the mid 1960’s, was absolutely charming.

The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse in Ormsby, Ontario

The old original blackboards were used for displaying artwork and messages and I’m sure that old pot bellied stove gave out a lot of heat on a cold, winter day.  There were some of the original school desks, books, and things that would of been used by the pupils.

The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse in Ormsby, Ontario

A couple of the signs were amusing – from the one to deter burglars to the one asking for your patience.

The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse in Ormsby, Ontario

There were displays of old maps, old milk bottles, photos of teachers at the school and class photos.

The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse in Ormsby, Ontario

The collection of teacups, old records, serving dishes and miniature teapots and cups were beautifully displayed.

The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse in Ormsby, Ontario

Each table had its own chalk and chalkboard so you could print out your own order.  The soups were collie-flour or better-not squash (love the play on words).  There was also sandwiches, salads, afternoon tea, home cooked foods, desserts, and evening dining on the weekends.  As you can see I had a pot of peppermint tea, soup, sandwiches and carrot cake.   Everything was so delicious.

The Old Ormsby Schoolhouse in Ormsby, Ontario

You can follow this delightful tea room on Facebook or visit their website.  If you are driving north on Hwy 62 towards Bancroft, Ontario be sure to turn off on Hwy 620 and stop in the little town of Ormsby on the old Hastings Road and visit the tearoom and the old mercantile store (I’ll post about this place next time).  It’s owned by Ernie and Debbie Pattison, who lovingly restored the school house for their wedding and now have it opened to the public.

We will certainly be heading back to enjoy another delicious lunch.

I’ll be sharing The Old Mercantile store in Ormsby soon.

Have you discovered a delightful place to stop for lunch or dinner?

Edit:  The Ormsby Schoolhouse has closed as of March 2021. We will miss you. The memories will last forever.


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