The Old Shed

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We are lucky to have amazing views from our front window … looking across open farm fields.  But even though we live in a rural community we are only 7 minutes away from all the big shopping areas of town.  Our views to the back are also over farm fields.  For Rurality Thursday I’m sharing the old shed across the road.  Since we have lived here there has been alot of changes in the farm.  There used to be cows and horses there that the girls could go over and visit.  There was a big old red barn, that has long since been taken down.  There are no more animals and the area is used to store bales of hay.

I wasn’t into photography as much in those days so never did get a photo of the barn.  But the old shed remains and I’ve taken a couple of photos from the living room window.


I wonder what it is stored there from days gone by.


The top photo was taken with my Canon t1i with a 250 mm lens extended to the fullest.  The second photo was taken with a Nikon Coolpix that has a 42x optical zoom which gets in much closer.  Both times I was standing at the living room window and shooting the photo, though the photos were taken on different days.

It is always wonderful to watch the views from the window.

I’m sharing with Rurality Thursday.

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