Over Wintering the Fuchsia

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I love fuchsia and have several of them in the garden each year.  Last year I decided to do an experiment with one of the plants and brought it inside for the winter.  I was thrilled with how it worked out … the plant survived and is producing new green shoots and leaves.

Here is one of the plants about mid October … still full of wonderful blooms.  Shortly after this it was dug from this outside pot and transplanted into a pot for inside.


Here is the plant after a big trim back .. with a the odd new growth, about mid December 2013.  At this point I wasn’t sure if it would survive.


But I didn’t give up on it.  It only got water every few weeks.


By the beginning of April it started to show a bit of promise so the plant was bought upstairs and has sat on the floor in the kitchen for the past little while.


This is how it looked on April 30, 2014.  The stems are getting longer and the leaves are getting bigger.  There are still some bits that should be trimmed off.


Lovely new growth.

I usually buy new fuchsias towards the end of May … ones that have been grown in greenhouses and forced into bloom.  I’ll still buy those plants but will be keeping a special eye on the one that I over wintered to see if it develops any blooms.

Have you ever successfully over wintered fuchsia?

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