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The Sarah Bernhardt peonies have really pleased me this year.   Last year I received 3 dry peony roots from Veseys.  In the spring when they arrived I planted them into large pots to see if they would grow.  Then towards the end of summer I tansplanted them into a spot in the garden, at the base of the deck stairs and beside the rose trellis.

I kept close watch on them after the winter looking for shoots poking through the ground.   All 3 of them survived the winter and grew.

peony2013a     peonybush1a

Having seen how big and floppy this plants get I chose a spot that was on its own.  My next thought was about buds.  Five buds appeared, not bad for the first year.  Unfortunately 2 of those buds just seemed to shrivel up, but 3 of them kept growing and growing.  Even the ants found the buds.


Then on June 2 one of those buds opened up and a day later the other ones opened up also.


 A couple of days later we had a deluge of rain and the blooms flopped over.


The blooms are a delicate pink colour with some white mixed in.  I love all the water droplets on the floppy blooms.

peony collage1a

Thank goodness the camera can capture and save these blooms forever.

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