The Post Feeder

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The woodpeckers love the post feeder that we made in the summer.  This was made from a really old, old piece of 4×4 and filled with all season suet.

Holes were drilled all the way through the post, a total of five for this piece of post, and a hook added to the top for hanging.  Then the holes were plugged with the suet.

an old post made into a suet feeder at

When I fill the feeders I don’t always put them back on the same feeder pole.

an old post made into a suet feeder at

But the birds always manage to find the feeder they like the best.

an old post made into a suet feeder at

The chickadees are also a fan of this feeder.  I’ve also seen the nuthatches on it.

an old post made into a suet feeder at

It’s a bit of a messy challenge to fill, having to spoon the suet into the holes from both sides, press hard to make sure the holes are full, and then I pop it in the freezer so all the suet sets before hanging it outside.

an old post made into a suet feeder at

I’m on the lookout for a nice round log with some bark on it that can be made into one of these feeders too.  Perhaps one will be found after the winter months when branches tend to fall down.  The bark will make it easier for the birds to grip onto the feeder.  Even though this is a really old post that has been outside for many years I’m a bit worried about the fact it might of been a pressure treated one.  So I’ll consider this one my prototype until I find a better post or log.

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