Preparing the Garden for Winter

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The garden clean up is finished. It has been a busy week in the garden as I aimed to get the jobs that involved lifting, bending and digging all completed.  This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving so there were also preparations to do for that family gathering as well.

I wanted to get things done a bit earlier than usual this year as I have cataract surgery on October 13, the day after the Canadian Thanksgiving.  That means no bending or heavy lifting for a little while.

  1. Some hyacinth bulbs were planted in the fence garden to add some spring colour.  I moved one of the Stumpys so he could look over them, well really it was so I would remember where the bulbs were planted. I also planted some crocus bulbs in the front garden.

planting hyacinth bulbs at

2.  The gazing balls were brought inside for a bit of repair.  They have held up extremely well since they were made in 2007.  Once a little crack appears and the water gets into it some of the gems came off.  So it was time to get out the gorilla glue and repair them.  A word of advice on gorilla glue, wear gloves when using as if it gets on your hands it is a devil to remove.  I tried a few things and found that a bit of olive oil works well.

gazing ball repair at

3. The danglers and twirlers and other hanging things have been moved inside for the upcoming winter.  An old bathroom rod was fastened over one of the garage windows and it all got hung on there.

storing the danglers and twirlers for the winter at

4.  The tender perennials have been dug and are ready for storage in the well cupboard for the winter.  I usually leave these closer to the first frost but didn’t want to wait that long this year.  I’m sure they will all do fine next spring.  These roots and tubers include 4 o’clocks, canna, Peruvian daffodils and elephant ears.

storing the tender perennials at

5.  With the cooler nights the ferns, fuchsia, wandering jew and geraniums have been moved inside to overwinter them.  I’ve had success with the fuchsia and wandering jew in previous years.

outdoor plants brought inside for the winter at

So that is five gardening jobs I’ve done this past week.

I also planted some garlic, created my pumpkin faces, moved the composter ready for the winter, potted up some tulip bulbs, trimmed some of the plants and the gazebo (soft top roof) was taken down.

   Five on Friday is hosted at Amy’s site, Love Made My Home.  Stop by and see what others are talking about this week.

Today is advance polling day for the Federal election and we are heading out to vote. To be quite honest I’m fed up with this election.  It was too long, there are too many promises thrown around, and there was a lot of nasty goings on.  It’s time for change Canada.  I hope you will go and vote, no matter your political choice, either in the advance polls or on October 19, 2015.

To all my Canadian friends, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Leaves remaining but Fading away: lilacs,  solomen seal,  ground cover phlox, snow in summer, peonies,  lily of the valley,  phlox,  iris, ninebark, yucca, coral bells, Lady’s mantle, honeysuckle vine, stonecrop sedum,  Bressingham blue hosta, daylilies, daisies,  stella d’oro daylilies, astillbe,  bee balm, heuchera,   purple coneflower,  roses, wegelia, hens & chicks,  hostas,  clematis, anemone, sorrel, ligularia, rudbeckia, 

Vanishing till next year: poppies, tulips, daffodils, yellow molly alliums,  tall wild phlox, drumstick allium,  cosmos,  bleeding hearts (pink & white), columbine, sunflowers, sweet peas, purple hyacinth bean, Egyptian walking onions,  jack in the pulpit, mini iris, trilliums, scarlet runner beans,  zinnias,  peruvian daffodils,

A Few Odd Blooms:  coreopsis, Jerusalem artichokes, morning glory, lavender, painters pallet,

Blooms are finished:  on most plants and the leaves are starting to fade away

Trowel & Error:  birdcage planter, dill #1, squash

Planted: garlic, crocus, hyacinth

Relocation: bottle tree

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