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Bean Soup Recipe by Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy, originally in her ebook, Homemade Gifts from the Kitchen
Makes 2  jars (500ml each)
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  • ½ cup red lentils
  • ½ cup great northern beans
  • ½ cup red kidney beans
  • ½ cup black turtle beans
  • ½ cup split green peas
  • ½ cup green lentils
Spice Mix:
  • 2 tbsp dried basil
  • 2 tbsp dried parsley
  • 2 tbsp dehydrated onion
  • 1 tbsp dehydrated garlic
  • 4 cubes of organic vegetable bouillon
  • 2 bay leaves

Layer the beans in the jar, add the spices to a small bag and place on the top, put the stock cubes on top, tightly screw on the lid.

I used a Classico alfredo sauce jar, just the right size.

Chose a piece of fabric, trace a circle big enough to fit the lid and overlap, cut out, tie over the top of the lid.  I added a little loop of tape to the centre of the lid to hold the material in place.

Label Instructions

  • Rinse and strain beans.
  • Add 6 cups of water to beans and boil.
  • Turn off heat and let stand for 1 hour
  • Rinse and drain.
  • Add 7 cups water 1 x 14 oz can of diced tomatoes and the seasoning package.
  • Bring to boil.
  • Reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour.

Print out the label and fasten to the jar.

Cooking Instructions

Rinse the beans, cook for 1 hour, rinse again, add water, spices and a can of tomatoes and cook for another hour or until beans are soft. Remove the bay leaf.  The next part isn’t in the recipe but just something I like to do with soups.  I take some of the beans and liquid out and blend it and then mix it into the remainder of the soup.  This gives it a bit thicker consistency.  Enjoy.

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