Quick and Easy Cup Cozy Pattern

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Quick and Easy Cup Cozy Pattern from Crafty Gardener

Quick and Easy Cup Cozy


Using worsted weight yarn and a 3.75 mm crochet hook, chain 42. 

Row 1 – The last 2 stitches count as the first dc.  In the third chain from the hook make 1 dc, then make 1 dc in each stitch across the chain, 40 dc in total.

Row 2 – Chain 2 (first dc) and then dc in front loops of each stitch across, 40 dc in total.

Row 3 – Chain 2 (first dc) and then dc in back loops of each stitch across, 40 dc in total.

Row 4 – repeat row 2

Row 4 – repeat row 3

Draw yarn through last stitch to close tight.

 Be sure to leave a long enough tail of yarn to stitch up the sides.

With another colour of yarn I did some rows of running stitch around the cup cozy.  This is optional.

This size fits a small cup but will also give protection on larger sized cups without covering almost all the cup.

It folds flat and fits into your bag/purse/pocket so it is always available to slip around your favourite cup tea or coffee.

I am not a professional pattern writer or designer.  I just like to share patterns with other crafters.

Please don’t complain if there is a mistake, perhaps you can find the solution and share it with me so that I can then share it with others.  Please don’t ask me for a video on a specific pattern …. that all takes time and this is done out of the goodness of my heart.  Sometimes it seems the more you make available the more some folks want and demand! 

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