Rattlesnake Snap Beans

A couple of years ago I tried a new variety of pole beans for my container garden.  These rattlesnake beans had an unusual name but they grew amazingly well.

growing rattlesnake beans at craftygardener.ca

I purchase my rattlesnake bean seeds at Terra Edibles.  I’m lucky enough to live about a 5 minute drive away from this store in Foxboro, Ontario, Canada but you can order online if you aren’t close by.  They carry a huge selection of veggies and flower seeds.  Rattlesnake bean seeds are light brown with brown markings.

This pole bean is easy to grow and produces lots of green pods that have purple streaks within 65 days.

growing rattlesnake beans at craftygardener.ca

The pods are 15-24 cm long with purple markings.  If you over cook them the purple will vanish.  They have good flavor and are very tender and are popular in soup. This variety is great for hot, humid areas, which is perfect for me as my plant tables face directly south and get lots of sunlight.  In fact sometimes it gets so hot there that I put up umbrella for a bit of shade.

keeping the plant table shaded at craftygardener.ca
the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

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