Knitted Sachet Pattern

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This is a knitted sachet, (using a basket weave stitch), that I made to hold dried herbs or potpourri. You could also sew a small bag to go inside. This would hold the dried herbs etc. and stop them from coming out between the stitches of the knitted sachet. I have used netting from curtains as it is light and does not stop the scent of the herbs from coming through.

a knitted sachet from

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You need 3.25 mm knitting needles, some worsted weight yarn – your choice of colour. This is a great little project for using up your stash of yarn. If you use different sizes of needles and yarn, the tension with vary, and the size of the sachet will also vary.  

You start by casting on 24 stitches.

Rows 1 to 4 – (k4, p4) 3 times.

Rows 5 to 8 – (p4, k4) 3 times.

These 8 rows form the pattern.

Repeat 4 times and then do rows 1 to 4 again.


Knit two pieces. Join together along three sides to make a pouch. Fill with dried herbs, dried lavender, or potpourri of your choice. Then join last side. Just to fancy it up a bit I made 2 tassels and attach one to the bottom corner and one to the top corner. The finished size is about 5 inches or 12.5 cm. square.  You could even add a loop of yarn or ribbon so it can be hung in a closet.

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