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Do you want to make the best of the planting space you have and get the seeds spaced correctly for the best yield?  Plant by colour with 4 simple steps with a Seeding Square, from a company based out of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

A seeding square will simplify your planting with colour coded holes perfectly spaced for various seeds. It is also a great way to get the kids into gardening.

The chart included has instructions on one side and a planting guide on the other side.

You look up the seeds you are planting and see if they require the red, yellow, blue or orange holes.  Correct spacing will give you the best use of your planting area.

using a seeding square at

I was sent a seeding square to try out this year in my garden and I’ve already had fun using it to plant some hardy seeds.  Be sure to work your soil first and flatten it with your hands.


This year I mixed in peat moss and vermiculite into my containers for better drainage.  This was a fun way to get playing in the dirt before the actual gardening season began.

using a seeding square at

Place the seeding square on the soil, press down and then use the seeding wand to mark the holes.  Seed packets tell you how deep to plant seeds and the seeding wand has markings on the side.  Don’t get carried away and push the wand all the way down else you seeds might not grow.

using a seeding square at

If you look carefully you can see the holes evenly spaced in the soil.  I was planting beetroot seeds in this container.  There is a little funnel included so you can plant the seeds right through the seeding square, or if you are like me you can plant them directly into the holes.  There are some great photos on their website of the plants growing but in my part of Canada we are just getting into planting season so I don’t have any photos to show yet.  But I love to do a post that shows the progression of my seeds, seedlings etc I’ll be sharing more later on.

I’m also going to use the seeding square to space out where I will plant my starter plants by just pressing it into the ground, marking the holes and then planting the starter plants.  I’ll be sure to get photos as I do that towards the end of May when it is safe to plant tender plants outside in my Canadian gardening zone 5b .

Here is a photo from their website that shows the seeding square being used in the garden.  You can see by placing the square right beside the first impression you will be getting the best use out of your garden.

seeding square from

This neat little product is made in Canada and can be purchased on their website.  Be sure to like them on Facebook and find out about some specials.  If you are purchasing from the USA be sure to click the button at the top of their page.

I’m looking forward to using the seeding square more as we get into planting of tender plants towards the end of May.

If you want to see what other plants I grow in my garden, visit Seeds and Seedpods.

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