Sleep Tight, See You in the Spring

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The gardens have all been put to bed as the saying goes.  The plants have been trimmed down, there are bare patches, some leaves are covering up dirt, the winter greenery pots are filled and now we wait till spring.  Here are the various garden areas with what did well and what didn’t do so well for 2013.

This is the last review of my gardens for this year. Plans are already forming in my mind and on paper (because my memory isn’t always the greatest) for what they will look like in 2014.  Most of the garden decorations have been put away … the tree faces, the gazing balls, the sun dials, and the plant pokes.


The first is the front diamond garden … the yucca did well for its first full year of growing there.  The branches are hairy so perhaps a bloom will appear next year.  I was disappointed in the miscanthus that were planted here.  They didn’t overwinter well and were very sprase this year.  I haven’t given up on them and will see how they grow after this winter.  I have plans for a small bit of fence in this garden to give some added height to the center.  I tried an obellisk in their this year but it just didn’t seem to accomplish what I wanted it to do.


This is the part of the north facing garden that gets some sun.  The plants grew really well here … iris, daylilies, lavender, pinks, coreopsis, rudbekia, and more.  I’ll be waiting to see the spring tulips and daffodils poking through in the spring.


This part of the north facing garden does not get sun but the hostas, bleeding hearts, solomon seat and sedum do really well here.  The sedums are huge and will need splitting next spring.


The trellis garden in the south facing corner always does well … honeysuckle vine, clematis, obedient plant, coreopsis, Egyptian walking onions, climbing roses and climbing beans that grow up the single trellis.  Behind Tom in the corner are some black hollyhocks planted last year.  I got lots of leaves on them so I’m hoping for some blooms next year.


I call this my farmyard garden.  It is an old area for not so great soil but the hens and chicks thrive there.  There is also a hollyhock that grows at the back.  The fairy doors and windows have been removed from the posts (which is a reclaimed hydro pole from when they did some restructuring of the road).


I’ve been working on the windmill garden all year and it still isn’t finished.  The fountain was moved there and has a few trailing plants and some hens and chicks in the various levels.  Iris were moved all around the base of the former fountain.  There are a couple of clumps of big day lilies.  This is a garden that I’ll be working on more next year.  In the back of this photo you can see the barrow garden.  An old wheelbarrow grows some bushy sedum.  The tipsy buckets were moved here towards the end of the season.  Up on the hill you can see the new home of all the composters.


Here is another view of the barrow garden from the back.  I’ve been building a small rock wall behind it.  These are rocks that have been claimed from other parts of the garden.  My brick inukshuk resides here and one of the composters was moved here.


This is the fence garden that I’ve been documenting each month.  The composters used to be behind the fence before they were moved to the hill garden.


And finally the newest garden area … the sign post garden.  There was an old spruce tree here that was slowly dying off.  All the branches were cut off and the trunk was left.  A birdhouse was added to the top and some recycled wood was used to raise the area a little bit.  I emptied a lot of my pots in there and so far have a large pot of tulips sunk into the ground.  I have visions of a vine twisting up the trunk … which will become my sign post (hence my name for this area).  The wood is cut for the signs and they are waiting downstairs in the work room for some painting over the winter.  The old deer that sits there was at this house when we moved in in 1986.  It was almost buried under some brush at the very back.  Hubby got it out and restored it to the garden area.  I think it will need some touch up paint next spring, at least to make the eyes visible.  This morning a pair of sparrows was checking out the birdhouse.  Perhaps they are looking for a winter home?

Sleep tight gardens, see you in the spring!

Are you making plans for your garden for 2014?


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