The Snowman Hat

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You just need a few simple things to make a cute snowman hat centrepiece and it won’t take very long.

I used an empty Ovaltine tin, but you can use any size tin that you have.  You can even use a circular box that I’ve seen in the dollar stores.  You also need a piece of firm cardboard, some ribbon, some holly and berries, spray paint, fasteners and glue.

making a snowman hat at

The first thing is to measure the circumference of your tin or circular box add a couple of inches for the brim.  Trace the circle on the stiff cardboard and cut it out. This will be the brim of the hat.   The best way to make a circle is to trace a plate.

making a snowman hat at

  At first I thought of glueing the brim onto the hat but it just didn’t work out that way.  So I punched 3 holes into the bottom of the tin and used fasteners to fix it to the cardboard brim.

making a snowman hat at

Then I used some rust paint to do an undercoat on the tin.  This was to make sure the spray paint adhered to the tin.  After this was dry I used black spray paint.   You might need a couple of coats of paint to cover everything.  Be sure to let it dry completely before moving on to the decorating.

making a snowman hat at

I created a tag to add to the snowman hat as I’m giving one as a gift this year.

my snowman hat label at

It’s all finished and ready to be displayed on a table.

making a snowman hat at

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