Some are Fading, Some are Blooming,

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It’s that time of year in the gardening season when some plants are still blooming and many are fading away … some faster than others.  The Fall blooms are appearing … sedum, mums, wild asters, garlic chives.  The weather has been beautiful for the beginning of September … sunny, bright, a little bit of rain, cooler evenings, less humidity.


The sedum is a glorious shade of deep pink.

fence gdn sept2014aa

The fence garden got a wooden edging this year.  The wild aster and sedum are in their fall colours.  The Jerusalem artichoke still haven’t budded yet.


The front diamond garden has lots of fading blooms.  I’ll be trimming some of them away in the next week or so as I don’t want lots of volunteer coreopsis plants appearing next year.  I do leave lots of seedheads around the garden for the birds to snack on and to add a bit of winter interest.


We have been working on the edging of the windmill garden.  Cement blocks that used to be around the fence garden were moved and we’ve been gradually adding some more.  When we go to the landfill to drop off trimmings, branches etc we usually stop at the pile of rocks and stones and rescue some cement blocks.  I’ve filled the holes with dirt and plant various trailing plants in them.  We’ve got almost 3 sides of this garden finished so it will be an ongoing project for next year.


Still blooming in other parts of the garden are some hosta, red berries on the lily of valley, pot of begonias and creeping jenny, nasturtiums, the odd wegelia, and garlic chives.

I’ve also started some seed gathering … orange cosmos, marigolds, purple hyacinth bean, nasturtium, sweet peas and morning glory.

Are you noticing the changes in your garden?

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Leaves:  ribbon grass, , canna,  lunaria, sunchokes

Blooming: ,  potentilla,  coreopsis,  clematis, nasturtiums,  rudbekia,  zinnias, hostas, , morning glory, calendula,  4 o’clocks,  french vanilla marigold, miscanthus, Jerusalem artichokes,

Leaves remaining but Fading away: lilacs,  solomen seal,  ground cover phlox, snow in summer, peonies,  lily of the valley,  peruvian daffodils, phlox,  iris, ninebark, yucca, coral bells, Lady’s mantle, honeysuckle vine, stonecrop sedum,  Bressingham blue hosta, daylilies, daisies,  stella d’oro daylilies, lavender, astillbe,  bee balm, heuchera,   purple coneflower,  roses, wegelia, hens & chicks, mini iris, trilliums, pole beans, okra,  scarlet runner beans, bush beans,

Seeds and Berries: marigolds,  morning glory, coneflower, coreopsis, 

Vanishing till next year: poppies, tulips, daffodils, yellow molly alliums, poppies, trilliums, tall wild phlox, drumstick allium,  cosmos,  bleeding hearts (pink & white), columbine, sunflowers, sweet peas, purple hyacinth bean, Egyptian walking onions,

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