Stash Granny Afghans

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These actually started out as granny stripe afghans but I decided after a few rows of each to change to a granny square pattern.  I decided to change after realizing that I had already done 2 stash afghans in granny stripes and it seemed a square one would work up faster than a stripe one and would keep me warmer while working on it over the winter.

stash granny afghan at

The blue/green one had a few balls of variegated yarn and I added in some plain blue and plain green odds and ends.  The other started with a white centre and then used up the little balls of greens, yellows and oranges from other projects.

stash granny afghan at

Here is a bit closer look at the almost finished projects.

stash granny afghan at

I didn’t use a true granny square pattern but used a rectangular granny to get started.  (See middle photo)  If you aren’t sure how to do this stitch, just search rectangle granny and you will find lots of help.

stash granny afghan at

Starting with this stitch made the finished afghan about 110 cm by 100 cm.  I just kept going till I used up all my yarn, so size would be dependent on how much yarn you have to use up.

stash granny afghan at

These will be afghans for the vehicle to be used to snuggle in after the grandkids have swimming lessons or have fun at the beach or just for when they feel chilly.

stash granny afghan at


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