The Sun Ramp

On one of our favourite walks down by the bay we noticed something new had been added to the pond.  As well as all the old tree root stumps that are anchored in the pond there was a new ramp for sunning on.  Not for the people but for the turtles and ducks.


The turtles will find any sunny spot they can … on a muddy patch


… on the old tree root stumps


… on the back of each other


… it gets quite crowded at times.


Here is the new platform with 4 ramps on it.   The turtles have started to discover this sunning spot.


What a fantastic idea to build this platform so the turtles can have another spot to sun themselves.


And it wasn’t just the turtles enjoying this platform.


Some mallard ducks had hopped up there too.

It was a perfect day for sunning yourself.

I’m sharing these lens friends with  Camera Critters.

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