T is for Tulips

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Tulips are one of the first blooms of spring.  When the snow begins to vanish from the garden you can see the bulbs poking through the ground.   Tulips are perennial plants that grow from bulbs.  The bulbs are planted in the Fall and will grow and bloom the following spring.  Tulips are associated with the Netherlands but they originated in Turkey.

tulip bulbs

When choosing tulip bulbs, look for plump ones, and plant with the pointed part up.   They prefer a sunny location with fairly good drainage.

parrot01aa parrot02aa

Ottawa has gorgeous blooms for the tulip festival.   The tulips in Ottawa, capital city of Canada, started during the 2nd World War when Princess Juliana was safely staying in the city away from the ravages of war.  The Princess gave birth to one of her daughters in an Ottawa hospital.  Part of the hospital was declared to be international territory (temporarily) so the new baby could claim citizenship of the Netherlands.  That year 100,000 tulip bulbs were presented to Ottawa as thanks.   Each year the city receives 10,000 bulbs.   If you ever have the opportunity to visit Ottawa during tulip festival you will be thrilled to see all the blooms.  2013 will be the 61st tulip festival.


I have many varieties and colours of tulips.  After the blooms fade, the flower stem should be cut off, but leave the leaves so that nutrients are sent back to the bulb for the following years bloom.

2011 tulips

These photos are from previous years.  The tulips are just starting to poke through the ground.

Watch for tulips coming to a garden near you soon.

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