D for Doves

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There is always an abundance of mourning doves in and around the garden.  They are year round visitors and it is lovely to hear their wooing or cooing call in the spring and summer months. In winter they settle down … Continued

D for Delphiniums

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Delphiniums are lovely tall, perennial flowers that bloom in early summer. This plant is perfect for the cottage garden. Plant in a sunny location and cutting back after blooming will encourage more growth and blooms.

D for Daisies

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Oxeye daisies grow wild in fields and gardens and lawns. They bloom in June and  self seeds rapidly so it is recommended to cut blooms off just as soon as the petals start to wilt. This will encourage a second … Continued


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ABC Wednesday is up to D for this week.  Here are some blooms to lift your spirits over the winter. Dianthus or pinks are a low growing, herbaceous perennial plants that get covered in masses of scented pink flowers in the … Continued