In the Flicker of an Eye

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The Northern flickers are ground feeding woodpeckers that usually come in April through October as they pass through.  They mainly eat ants and beetles but will eat fruit and seeds. I am always thrilled to see this bird especially just … Continued

F for Fungi

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~ Fungi are part of a large group of organisms including micro-organisms including yeast, molds, and mushrooms.    Fungi are not in the plant or animal kingdom any more and have been placed in their own kingdom. It is always … Continued

F for Feverfew

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Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium, is a perennial medicinal herb …. a little plant with leaves that have an amazing scent.  This is a volunteer plant in my garden, perhaps the previous owners of the house planted it here but it just pops … Continued


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ABC Wednesday is up to F and I’m sharing the gorgeous fuchsia. Each year I plant up the big pot by the front door with  fuchsia.  Some years I buy ready started plants to get a variety and some years … Continued