G for Grosbeaks

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The rose breasted grosbeaks are visitors to the garden from May to about October.  Both the male and female come to the feeders, snack off berries on the honeysuckle and bring their young to the feeders. They will visit all … Continued

G for Goldfinches

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The American or Eastern goldfinch, Carduelis tristis, belongs to the finch family. These cheeky little birds frequent the garden in all seasons.  They flock to the feeders, especially before a storm, and will also flit from flower to flower in the … Continued


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ABC Wednesday is sharing things that begin with G this week.  I’m sharing colourful blooms from previous years to get us through the dull and dreary months of winter. Godetia, Clarkia Amoena, also known as satin flower or silk flower. … Continued

G is for Gerbera

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I’ve followed a link party for awhile now, called Alphabe-Thursday.  I thought that over the winter I would join in whenever possible and put a gardening twist on it by showing plants and flowers that start with the letter of … Continued
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