T is for Tulips

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Tulips are beautiful spring blooms.  When the snow begins to vanish from the garden you can see the bulbs poking through the ground.   Tulips are perennial plants that grow from bulbs.  The bulbs are planted in the Fall and … Continued

T for Tomatoes

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T for tomatoes … freshly picked from the garden … mouth watering … delicious … red … yellow … orange … big … small. Tomatoes are always referred to as vegetables yet they  are an edible fruit that belong to the … Continued

Trillium – White and Red

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The white trillium has been the provincial flower of Ontario since 1937. The name ‘trillium’ comes from the Latin for ‘three’. The plant has large, often white, three-petaled flowers above three broad bracts that look like leaves. They are members … Continued