Parrots in the Garden

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I’ve got parrots in the garden … not real parrots because we don’t live in the right climate … but parrot tulips.  Parrot tulips are known for their colourful, curly, fringed petals that perhaps resemble parrot feathers.  They have gorgeous … Continued

The Pots of Tulips

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Last Fall I potted up tulip bulbs and sank some of the pots into the ground and kept some in the garage over the winter.   This proved to be a great success and I’m now able to move the pots around … Continued

T is for Tulips

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Tulips are one of the first blooms of spring.  When the snow begins to vanish from the garden you can see the bulbs poking through the ground.   Tulips are perennial plants that grow from bulbs.  The bulbs are planted … Continued