The Arrival of Winter

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Even though we are just over a month into winter, the cold and snowy weather just arrived over the weekend.  The first big storm of winter saw 15+ cm of snow cover the ground.  An Arctic vortex also bought bitterly cold weather with temperatures getting down to -30 Celsius.

January 2019, winter at

Another Colorado low is moving through today bringing about +3 cm of snow.  The temperatures are rising to just about 0 Celsius and that snow will turn to rain as the day goes on.

January 2019, winter at

Since retiring we have the good fortune to stay home on days like this.  For so many years we had to drive to work regardless of the weather.  Staying home is a perk of retirement.

January 2019, winter at

Most photos were taken through the windows as it was just too darn cold to go outside.  Even though the gardens are buried in snow, remember that the roots of all plants are under the ground convincing themselves that warmer weather will come in a few months.

January 2019, winter at

This birdhouse, visible from the window is awaiting the arrival of the wrens in early spring.

January 2019, winter at

Regardless of the weather the birds still flock to the feeders.  This downy woodpecker is enjoying some peanuts.

a virus shawl at

Winter weather means lots of time for crafting.  Above is the progress on a virus shawl.  I love working this pattern.  It was a bit of a challenge at first but now the rows are automatic and the shawl is growing quickly.  

craft projects at


I’m also working on some washer necklaces, another shawl, a recycled cd project and some luggage tags.  Photos are always taken of the steps along the way.  I’ll share these projects at another time.

There is also lots of reading, cooking of soups and comfort food, watching favourite shows and series on tv, and plenty of cups of tea.  


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