Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Many thanks for all the comments and emails about my cataract surgery.  I really appreciate all of good wishes and experiences you all shared with me.

I had to be at the hospital for 7 am on Tuesday morning.  It was dark and it was pouring of rain.  The best part was I was the first patient and I was home by 9 am.

The beauty of Autumn down by the bay at

I felt like a pirate with the eye patch on all day.  It was a day to just take things easy, snooze a little, read a little, watch tv a little.  I’m just getting back to the computer today.

The beauty of Autumn down by the bay at

The next morning the patch came off and the eye drops resumed.  There were 2 different drops that were started 3 days before surgery and then another was added the day after the surgery.  These drops go in 3 times a day for awhile. Annoying but essential.  Everything was great at the first appointment.  After my eye cleared I could actually read the info on The Weather Network without my glasses.  Before it looked like Inuit printing, and totally unclear.

The beauty of Autumn down by the bay at

The photos were all taken on a walk down by the bay on Thanksgiving Day.  The colours were spectacular.

My five things to be thankful for this week are

-an amazing eye surgeon

-fantastic staff at the hospital who made you feel totally relaxed

-wonderful loving support of my husband, who did the driving and the cooking and other jobs I needed doing

-my loving family who are always there when I need them

-and all of you, the wonderful people from blogland who sent me good wishes.

I’m sharing with Five on Friday at Amy’s site, Love Made My Home.

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