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As the first week of July progesses it is getting hotter again.  It was hazy and humid by mid week.  The pot gardens need lots of water during these times.

The feeders are very busy places with hummingbirds, orioles, goldfinches, grosbeaks, house finches, woodpeckers, sparrows and more.


The robin nest over the garage door has 3 new little babies all calling for food.


The diamond garden (named for its shape, not the rocks I found while digging there) is doing really well.  Our property faces north but this garden gets a fair bit of sun all day long.   A lot of the plants were added last year … miscanthus (I didn’t think they had survived  the winter and are slow to grow) coral bells, some ribbon grass, some stella d’oro lilies, coreopsis, rudbekia (which is growing really tall in this area), ehcinacea, sedum,  a first year money plant and a second year one.  Just ignore the weeds and grassy bits … I’ll attack them soon!


The white coral dawn roses are blooming in the trellis garden.


How lovely to brush by the lavender and smell that wonderful aroma.  This plant grows in the sunny north garden along with lady’s mantle, coreopsis, iris, yucca, feverfew, rudbekia and more.  It is a garden at the front but gets lots of sun from mid day onwards.  The hostas, bleeding heart and solomon seal grow in the shady north.


On the plant tables the veggies are doing really well … lots of blooms on the scarlet runner beans, pea pods almost ready to pick and tiny green tomatoes growing on all the plants.


The windmill garden is looking better with milkweed, ditch lilies and coreopsis in bloom.  The big pot of nasturtiums is really filling in.


Down at the bridge garden there are lots of ditch lilies on one side and yellow day lilies on the other side.  Hank the heron has wandered down here this year as there was so much rain the run off stream had lots of water in it.  Then there are those 2 wooden kids that always sit on the bridge railing just admiring the stream and perhaps hoping to catch a frog or two.

I give my garden names … the pot garden, the windmill garden, the deck garden, the fence garden, the diamond garden, sunny north, shady north, bridge garden, the hill garden, the barrow garden, and veggie garden.  My names are nothing elaborate … either named because of something in the garden (windmill or fence) or because of the location.  Do you name your garden areas?

I’m sharing  with Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday.

The plants in the gardens and containers are in varying stages of blooms.  I’ve grouped them into stages (my names) and can move them around each week as they move through the stages.  This is a good reference for me to look back at next year for comparison.

Budding – lavender, liatris,   shasta daisies, drumstick allium, sedum, echinacea, hostas

Blooming -astillbe, ditch lilies,  roses (bush), rudbekia,  coral bells, weigela,  petunias,  fuchsia, evening primrose, coreopsis, Bressingham Blue hosta, creeping jenny, clematis, feverfew, pansies, lady’s mantle, lavender

Fading –  honeysuckle vine, oxeye daisies, ninebark, climbing roses

Seeding – lunaria, columbine, dianthus, bleeding heart,  oxeye daisies

Green leaves  – iris, yellow molly alliums, lily of the valley, yellow daylilies, yucca

Vanished till next year – tulips, daffodils, poppies,

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