Trimming and Organizing for August

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There is lots going on in the garden as August flies by.  I’ve neglected doing some garden journal updates but the work in the garden hasn’t been neglected.  It just seems hard to fit everything in.

One of the biggest jobs I tackled this year was adding mulch to the front gardens.  This garden stretches the whole width of the house.

garden journal update for August 2014 -

The bags of mulch were heavy and I could only do two or three a day.  I didn’t work on it daily, but took time off for daycations and of course there were the rainy days. I’ve used close to 40 bags of mulch between this long garden and the front diamond garden.  There is still lots in bloom … a couple of hostas, the rudbekia, the purple coneflower, zinnias, cosmos, begonias, geraniums, petunias, bacopa and more.

garden journal update for August 2014 - garden journal update for August 2014 -

You can see a little bit of Autumn sneaking into the garden with the evening primrose turning red on the edges and the sedum getting a pink blush.  The bleeding heart stems are dying off so I’m gradually cutting them right back ready for another year. I love how the gardens look now and I’m hoping it will be a lot easier to keep the weeds under control.

The old bistro set, (chairs no longer safer to sit on) used to sit on the driveway under the lilac bush but we just had the driveway sealed and it had to be moved.

garden journal update for August 2014 -

I set it up right in the garden so now it won’t have to be moved in the winter when snow shovelling and snow blowing time comes around.  I think I’ll put a big pot of greenery on it for over the winter.  In the centre is the Let’s Streak hosta which blooms in August.  I trimmed the flower stalks off the other hostas a couple of weeks ago.  They tend to get very untidy as the blooms drop off.  The daylilies have also have the stalks trimmed away.  The ditch lily leaves are browning off and the next time the lawn mower is out they will be cut right down to encourage new growth for next year.

garden journal update for August 2014 -

We have been enjoying the veggies from the garden … potatoes, kale, pear tomatoes, scarlet runner beans and the bigger tomatoes.

garden journal update for August 2014 -

I’ve started to get around to emptying some of the spring pots  … the tulips, daffodils and more.  Where to put the dirt was a question as these plants were in smaller pots and I wanted to get rid of them for next year.  The smallest of the 4 composters was moved from the hill garden and set up beside the plant tables.  This will only be for storing dirt in.  I’ve been emptying pots and it works really well and when I want dirt I just open the lid and scoop it out.  As I get some new compost from the other composters I will be able to mix it right into this dirt.

garden journal update for August 2014 - garden journal update for August 2014 -

Up on the hill garden the grapevine has been undergoing a huge cut back.  The grapevine was spreading right over the other wooden composters and it was a challenge to open the lids.  I’ve also cut the lovage down to about half.

I’ve been working on a few projects … a succulent picture frame, a fairy house, a grape vine ball but just don’t have time to write up the posts on them.  That will be something I can do in the upcoming winter months.

garden journal update for August 2014 -

Hubby finished this little project off for me after he moved the composter.  He used the odd cuts of wood from the new bridge and made me paths between the plant tables.  I’m hoping this will stop my feet from getting really dirty.  He has also been painting the back window frames.   Do you see the sunflowers that grew right up between the planks on one of the plant tables?  I didn’t plant them, but have my suspicions on who did.

I’m glad we got these few jobs finished as there is more rain moving in for the rest of the week.

I’m sharing with Cottage Garden Party, and Fertilizer Friday.

Leaves:  ribbon grass, , canna,  lunaria, sunchokes

Budding:  french vanilla marigold, miscanthus

Blooming: ,  potentilla,  coreopsis,  clematis, purple coneflower, nasturtiums, roses, wegelia,  rudbekia,  zinnias, hostas,  purple hyacinth beans,  sweet peas, morning glory, cosmos, calendula, hens & chicks, 4 o’clocks,  

Leaves After Blooming: lilacs, mini iris, trilliums, solomen seal,  ground cover phlox, snow in summer, peonies,  lily of the valley,  peruvian daffodils, phlox,  iris, ninebark, yucca, coral bells,Lady’s mantle, honeysuckle vine, stonecrop sedum,  Bressingham blue hosta, daylilies, daisies,  stella d’oro daylilies, lavender, astillbe,  bee balm, heuchera,  

Seeds and Berries:  bleeding hearts (pink & white), columbine, honeysuckle shrub, dianthus, sunflowers, sweet peas, purple hyacinth bean, marigolds

Vanishing till next year: poppies, tulips, daffodils, yellow molly alliums, poppies, trilliums, tall wild phlox, drumstick allium, 

Veggies:  pole beans, okra,  scarlet runner beans, bush beans, Egyptian walking onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, kale, tomatoes, peas, Jerusalem artichokes,

Harvesting Veggies:  peas, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, okra, kale, potatoes, Egyptian walking onions,

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