Twig Trees

Make some simple twig trees to add to a gift box or gift tag. You need some twigs from the garden that can be cut into sizes that will form a tree when laid out.   A star or decoration for the top is also needed.
You could use a glue gun or white glue to fasten the tree to your tag or box or cardboard.   It depends how you will use the tree as to what it will go on to.

I laid out the twigs on a piece of cardboard and thought it would make a nice door hanger.  If you make it smaller it could be a gift tag.  I left it laid out for a day or so before I finally decided what to put it on.   In an effort to reduce wrapping paper in the land fill I decided to re-use some boxes that I had saved.

The one I chose happened to be a green box.  The twig tree was glued to the top of it and a gift tucked inside.  Hm-m-m what could be in this box?  Perhaps it is a nice china mug or a candle or a china dinner bell (I collect those) or some pampering products like soaps or creams.  I can’t be telling what is in it right now because the recipient might be reading my blog.

This is a good way to wrap a gift for the Nature lover on your list and wish them a ‘tree’mendous Christmas!

My mind is already thinking that I could make a bigger one out of some branches and put it in the garden.  That will be a summer garden project.

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