making chili at
a favourite utensil is this spoon rest


making tomato potato soup at
a favourite chopping utensil


making banana bread at

Since going gluten free it was a challenge to make our favourite banana bread in a batch enough for each person. I came up with a way to divide the loaf pan into two sections using folded aluminium foil to divide it into 2 and then lining each section with parchment paper. Then I could halve the recipe for the banana bread using regular flour in one half and gluten free flour in the other half. This was a successful experiment that I’ll be using over and over.

The English Kitchen cookery book by Marie Raynor

This is a favourite recipe book of mine, The English Kitchen, which I was fortunate enough to preview before its release. There are so many lovely recipes in it, and my favourites are all marked with stickies.