Ontario’s Oldest Municipal Government

Wallbridge Village, not far from where I live is the home of Ontario’s oldest municipal government.  Although the building is no longer standing the land has been made into a memorial park.

When you live close to a place in history you tend to drive by, look, but don’t stop to appreciate it.  One day on our way home from our travels a few weeks ago we decided to pull over.  It was a gorgeous Fall day, perfect for taking photos and walking around the small park.

Wallbridge, Ontario - home of Ontario's oldest municipal government

The municipal government was founded on May 15,1790 when a group of pioneer settlers held a town meeting to elect officials to manage affairs for the Township of Sidney.  This was the first type of meeting in Upper Canada (Ontario).  In the beginning the meetings were held in homes or businesses in the town and it wasn’t until 1850 that the town hall was built.

Wallbridge Village was founded in 1850, although settlers lived there much earlier, and was originally called Sydney but by 1863 it became known as Wallbridge.  A little while ago a book titled, A Place Called Wallbridge, was published by a local author who grew up in the community.  It was a very interesting read.

Wallbridge, Ontario - home of Ontario's oldest municipal government

The park has many informative plaques telling about the history of the area.

Wallbridge, Ontario - home of Ontario's oldest municipal government

The stores, cheese factory, schools and churches originally there are no longer around, but the book does tell you where each was located.  One of the later school houses is now a private residence.  The town hall burned in 1970 and was never rebuilt and moved to another location.  Unfortunately no photo has ever been found of this original building.  I’m sure that somewhere tucked away in a box of memories there has to be a photo of this historic place.

Wallbridge, Ontario - home of Ontario's oldest municipal government

I really enjoyed reading the book and learning more about our area.

Todays’ ABC Wednesday is bought to you by the letter W.  W for Wallbridge.

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