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The saying that April showers brings May flowers is certainly holding true.

I planted the canna root, peruvian daffodils bulbs, 4 o’clock roots, scarlet runner bean seeds and pole bean seeds.  I also started putting the tomato plants outside during the day and keeping them in the gazebo overnight.  If this weather continues I’ll probably take a chance and plant them in the big pots.

The tulips are brilliant.

2013 tulipsa

The trillium are open.

2013 trillium1a

The hosta that I over wintered in a huge pot is doing fantastic.  Others have told me they grow hostas in pots and store them in the garage over the winter.  I was given one fairly late in the season and didn’t really see a spot big enough in the garden to plant it so decided to wait till the spring so put it into this pot.  I pulled the pot out of the garage last week and could already see shoots poking through the ground.  Those shoots have gotten tall and started to open out into the true leaves.


I love the colouring of this hosta and will be searching out a name for it.  I’m going to keep it in the pot and have added 3 more hostas to 3 other pots.  This will cut down on the annuals that I usually purchase.  I’m heading more to the simple ways of gardening.

The clematis vine is sending out new shoots all over the plant.  One rose bush has had shoots for a few days and I thought the other one wasn’t going to grow this year but there are a few tiny shoots appearing.  The climbing rose will be filling in the trellis a lot more this year.


WooHoo – the peas I planted last week are poking through the ground.


The rose breasted grosbeak has returned to the garden.

fuchsiaclump1 fuchsiaclump2

Some hanging baskets of fuchsia were purchased for the gazebo.  I’ll probably still take them inside while the nights are cool.

Rain is heading our way, which will mean I won’t have to water the pots and gardens.  The green stuff (grass) got cut just so it can benefit from the rain and grow again.  We went for a Wednesday Wander … those are the days when we go for a drive with no particular place in mind, view some sights, take lots of photos.  This week we walked down by the bay, stopped at the river to see if the heron was there, visited a couple of osprey nesting platforms, walked in a favourite park and sat by the water and watched the swans and Canada geese.  The perfect way to spend a lovely spring morning.

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