Working Between the Rain

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It has been a very wet week … thunder, lightening, heavy rain.  Luckily the majority of the rain has come in the evenings and overnight.  The ground has been saturated which makes it perfect for digging those darn weeds..  There is satisfaction when the whole long tap root comes out as well.

I’ve been digging out some of those plants that spread when you aren’t looking … the violets and the ajuga.  We still haven’t got the mulch on the gardens and it is stacked up in the garage.  I’ve been moving some hostas and bleeding hearts to the sign post garden.


The Peruvian daffodils bulbs and 4 o’clock roots that were planted towards the beginning of the month are poking through.  I’ve done a fair bit of planting of seeds as well … scarlet runner beans, pole beans, vine nasturtiums, 4 o’clock seeds, clematis seeds …except for the beans it was all done on the garden workbench.

the garden workbench made from recycled deck lumber ... a great place for working outside

I’ve purchased some trailing vines and leafy plants for the big two front containers but haven’t potted them up yet.


 It is supposed to be cooler for the next couple of nights so they will stay safe in the garage overnight until Monday.  I have my own system for protecting the tomato plants that went into the containers last week … a big clear garbage bag fastened on with clothes pins to cover the whole tomato.  Better safe than sorry.

protect tomato plants on chilly nights with a clear plastic bag and some clothes pins ... roll down overnight and fasten around the tomato cage, roll up and fasten at the top during the day.

The peonies are budding and the ants have discovered them already.  The bleeding hearts, both pink and white are starting to bloom.  The solomon seal has small buds just starting to drop.  And the poor trillium is all mud splashed from the rain on the garden.


Even with all the wet weather I have managed to get lots of time working in the garden.  The changes are happening almost right before my eyes.

What changes have you been noticing in your garden this week?

Planted: ,canna, 4 o’clocks seeds, scarlet runner beans, pole beans, vine nasturtiums, sweet peas, french vanilla marigold, clematis seeds, 

Sprouting: lily of the valley,  4 o’clocks, kale, peruvian daffodils, 4 o’clock roots, peas,

Leaves:  daffodils, tulips, daylilies, iris,  Egyptian walking onions, stella d’oro daylilies,  some hostas,  bee balm, purple coneflower, coreopsis, lady’s mantle, lavender, astillbe, coral bells, coreopsis, purple coneflower, yucca, honeysuckle shrub, honeysuckle vine, lilacs, 

Budding Blooms:  peonies, solomen seal, lily of the valley

Blooming: daffodils, mini iris, bleeding hearts, ground cover phlox, tulips, trilliums, mini iris,

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