Yummy Beef Casserole

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Cold wintery days call for comfort food and beef casserole is certainly one of those foods. The really cold temperatures have set in for the later part of January so this type of food is really appreciated and enjoyed.

cooking beef stew at craftygardener.ca
  • 450 gm cubed stewing beef
  • 300 gm cubed potatoes
  • 100 gm diced carrots
  • tomato, onion and celery (mine are from the freezer) but fresh can be used to
  • frozen peas, green beans or lima beans (handful of whatever you have)
  • about 4 cups water or beef stock if you prefer
  • Bisto gravy powder to mix with the water
  • seasonings of your choice
cooking beef stew at craftygardener.ca

This can be cooked in the crockpot or the oven. Today I just made enough for one meal so the crockpot is my choice. The kitchen will be filled with delicious smells of the cooking stew and I can say it took me all day to cook this meal!

cooking beef stew at craftygardener.ca

Served with crusty bread or on its own it is a delicious and heart warming meal. A double batch was cooked in the oven another day, such delicious smells wafting through the kitchen.

cooking beef stew at craftygardener.ca

It’s a soup that is thick and can be eaten with a fork or a spoon and there were delicious leftovers for lunch one day. It’s the kind of meal that helps to fatten the curve.

cooking beef stew at craftygardener.ca

I’m sharing with Souper Sunday, and Tasty Tuesday and Weekend Cooking.

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